Teaching resources

The Freedom to Believe Education Pack, written by Carol Dixon, can be viewed here, or downloaded and printed. It includes a scheme of work for five teaching sessions appropriate for 11-14 year old students, with lesson plans and printable resources. The sessions, which can be used individually or as a group, are: Introduction to the Caribbean Region, Caribbean Social History, Religion in the Caribbean, Theatre-in-Education/ Drama workshop on the suppression of African-oriented Caribbean religions, and an evaluation session. For some examples of the kind of material in the pack, click on the links to the right. If you would like a printed and bound version of the education pack please contact us. We’d also love to hear about how you are using the pack. Please let us know!

Activity sheet 1

Activity sheet 1: My Fact File. For use by students researching the geography and history of places in the Caribbean.










Fact File: Trinidad and Tobago

Fact file including map, outline flag and questions for students researching Trinidad and Tobago






Activity Sheet 3: My Case History Questions

Themes and questions for use with the ‘case histories’ in the main education pack.









Case History 2: Graman Quacy of Suriname (18th Century)








Case History 5: Mammy Forbes, the Healer, from Jamaica (20th Century)